237. “Slop Goes The Soup” A Noisy Warthog Word Book by Pamela Edwards

Warthogs were getting ready for a dinner party. It was time to set the table. But then, as a result of one innocent ACHOO,  a  pot of soup went SLOP, wet hooves went SLITHERING on the floor, a table started to CLATTER and a painting CRASHED… It was a pretty scary scene, until… a little teddy bear dove into the pudding.  With one big PLOP, everyone started to GIGGLe and before long the soup was  cheerfully BUBBLING again.

It is a noisy book indeed! A very creative use of onomatopoeia.  A simple story about a clumsy warthog, but so entertaining! Especially, when paired up with Henry Cole’s imaginative and truly hilarious pictures.

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