238. Little Golden Book Freewheelin’ Favorites” by Dannis Shealy and Miryam

Although my son looooooooves cars beyond any other toys, he doesn’t mind reading about other things. Still every time we come across a book about  four wheels and an engine, my son’s eyes light up like head lights. Today’s book was a triple treat as it contains not one, but three vrooming stories.

First, Big Blue Bill tells a story about exciting lives of big trucks on the road. He mentions his buddies, like Tanker Tina or Bony Tony, a car carrier. He pays respect to hard-working construction machines. After all, they build new roads. He also advises not to drive behind a Garbage Truck in the city. It is not fun to get stuck behind that stinker.  

In the second story, we meet a happy man and his dump truck. The man waves and tips the trailer every time he meets a friend. It becomes really interesting when the dump truck gets a bunch of unusual  passengers…

The third story is a  real show of Monster Truck’s monstrous power. Crushing, crunching, flying in the air… Thrilling suspense.

Typical Golden Books: cute, engaging stories and bright pictures.


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