241. “There’s A Nightmare In My Closet” by Mercer Mayer

Do you remember the resolute little  red-pajama boy who used to have an alligator under his bed? Well, it seems like it wasn’t the only monster the little guy had to deal with in his room. He also had a nightmare in his closet. Imagine that!  The boy knew that the beast kept creeping out of the closet at night. Finally, he decided to catch it red-handed. He was just about to shoot it, but the nightmare started to cry, which was not a part of the plan. What if it would awake mom and dad? The boy shushed the crying beast by… putting it into his bed… right next to him.

It was surely an unusual solution, but who knows, perhaps, it is not a bad way to get rid of nightmares lurking in closets. Just sleep on it. Or with it.

Once again, a hilariously absurd bedtime story for the thrill-loving little readers.

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