243. “Calvin Can’t Fly” The Story of a Bookworm Birdie by Jennifer Berne

Some parents pray for their children to be well-read and well-educated, some others, like Calvin’s parents,  wish their offsprings were  just a tiny bit less into books…

While his siblings and cousins explored the world from the bird’s-eye view, Calvin chose explored books in the library. It was especially worrying, as Calvin was a starling. Birds need to learn how to fly and catch worms, instead of turning into book-worms themselves.   But Calvin couldn’t care less about using his wings and spent all his days utilizing his brains: learning about dinosaurs, planets and pirates. “His books took him to places wings never could”  and the library offered a safe shelter for the picked-on odd erudite. But what about heading south for the winter? Well, if you can’t fly you have to be towed, and that’s how Calvin joined the formation. Even more, he helped his fellows to escape from a fearful hurricane. Everything thanks to the books he had read. And what about flying? Well, everything in due time…

Great read for every parent worrying about the future of their  nerdies. A very inspirational, uplifting and well written story and most  “adorkable’ character. Greatly amusing and engaging pictures by Keith Bendis.



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