244. “I Must Have BOBO” by Eileen Rosenthal

Bobo was just a silly sock monkey, but for Willy Bobo was an indispensable and irreplaceable companion. Bobo had special powers, you see. He protected Willy from a big dog and  was a dare-devil on the slide. But one morning as Willy woke up, Bobo was nowhere to be found. “Maybe he was stolen by pirates!” Or does Earl the cat have something to do with it? 

Hmm. Playful or mischievous, Earl does like playing a game of hide-and-seek with Willy. And you might like seeing how the boy and the cat try to outsmart each other.

A greatly amusing and engaging picture story. Very appealing in its minimalism. I love the interaction between the humorous, cartoonish pictures, by Marc Rosenthal, and the equally skimpy text.

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