254. “The Happy Lion” by Louise Fatio

What do we think about lions in the ZOO? They would be better off in the wild, right? But this lion was born and raised  in the ZOO and he was as happy as he could be. He had his rock surrounded by moat and numerous friends visiting and greeting him every day. The lion didn’t wish to live anywhere else. But he didn’t say ‘no’ to a little bit of exploring, when he noticed an open gate. The happy lion hit the town. To his amazement, the so friendly zoo visitors, were acting very weird and violent in the streets. People were fainting, screaming and throwing food at the confused lion. They called an entire fire brigade to deal with the dangerous beast at large. The only normally acting person was a little boy Francois. He greeted the happy lion as usual and walked him back to the park.

A powerful reminder that we should never stop looking at things the way children do. Only with the childlike trust and innocence we can see beyond prejudices and into the essence of things.

A beautiful, touching and very, very wise story. Engaging, sketch-type illustrations by Roger Duvoisin.


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