256. “Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli” by Barbara Jean Hicks

Everyone should know, especially a waitress at the restaurant that monsters don’t eat broccoli. Neither do they eat artichokes and other veggies and fruit.  They would rather munch on redwood trees and “wheely, steely stew”. They chomp, they sing: “Fum, foe, fie, fee, monsters don’t eat broccoli!”  But don’t they? If you ask me, those giant trees look exactly like broccoli, the wheels are just sliced red tomatoes, and the heavy concrete bars are crunchy carrot sticks… LOL

In other words, don’t panic if your monster claims to be on a veggie-free diet. Perhaps you just need to rename certain food items in your fridge or rearrange them on the plate? Forget cucumber slices. Call them wheels. Build a boat out of a lettuce leaf and fill it with yummy cargo. Make edible pieces of art on the plate. What’s more, do it together with the little ones. Add color and fun to their meals. Simple tricks can do wonders to a child’s appetite.  (We sold eating fish to our son by telling him that  sharks eat fish too.)  Enjoy your meal!

And the book is a scrumptious treat on its own. A hilarious take on children’s eternal war with veggies. Lively, rhythmic read-aloud, wildly illustrated by Sue Hendra.

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