266. “I Want a Dog!” by Helga Bansch

Regarding pets, my husband and I  have always been on the same page: we’re done with having any. He used to own two cats, which basically owned his place, and I had a hamster once. For all the wrong reasons: because my girlfriends had one.  Lately, however, our pet- free policy is being questioned by our preschooler. He would like to have a cat. Sure, I like cats too, but one thing it is to like a cat and the other thing is to live with one in our carpeted two bedroom apartment.  So far, our son hasn’t started to insist on a pet, but if he does we might face a dilemma. Unless we go for a part-time pet solution, the way Lisa arranged it.

Lisa wanted to have a dog. Badly. Not a china or knitted dog, but a real one. Any kind of real one would do. Yet, according to her parents, the apartment was too small for a dog. Lisa tried a few tricks but  neither being “good as gold” or “truly terrible” helped to change her parents’ mind. Finally Lisa had an out-of- the-box idea. Why not to borrow a dog? She could take it for a walk, play with it, watch it…  She posted an ad. And that’s how Lisa found smart and playful Rollo, whose owner was not able to give him enough exercise anymore.

A cute, feel-good story, written and illustrated with humor and in an engaging manner.  And a great solution for every family whose apartment is too small for a pet. 

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