267. “Dog’s Colorful Day” A Messy Story about Colors and Counting by Emma Dodd

The sub-title is quite explanatory indeed. The book is full of colors and numbers.

Dog has one black spot on his ear. But as the day goes on, Dog collects nine more spots: a  red spot of jam, a green stain of grass, a gray splutter of mud, an orange splash of juice… and a purple smudge of ink. Until Dog gets a bath and there is only one spot left again.

The story is quite basic and  the illustrations are bright and minimalist, which makes this book engaging even for babies as they learn their first colors and numbers. Besides, the little children will love the onomatopoeic vocabulary cleverly used to describe how the spots are created: SPLAT, SWISH, SQUASH… What I also do with my preschooler as we read this story, is a little memory game: which spot comes next and how Dog gets it. We also try to read the number words and memorize different vocabulary for spots:  blob, smudge, drop, splatter.  There are many curious ways to exploit this seemingly simple book.

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