268. “NO GO SLEEP!” by Kate Feiffer

According to the books, you should feed the baby, change the baby, put her in the crib and the baby should fall asleep. Some parents manage to follow the books, indeed. My friends are some people, for example, and their son has been in his bed at 7 pm from day one. Sleeping. Well, many of the less lucky or disciplined parents, however, do whatever it takes and more to make the baby sleep and the results are not always so apparent. Babies have their ways to sabotage the bedtime, don’t they?

It was time to sleep but the baby said “NO” to bedtime. Mommy and daddy asked him to close his eyes, the moon promised to lighten the night for him, birds wanted to tweet a lullaby , trees started to rustle good night, car beeped him to sleep, sheep suggesting counting… but nothing worked. Baby still said “NO!” …and then fell asleep.

Doesn’t it sound familiar?

A wonderful good-night story for every young family. Cozy, dreamy and sprinkled with humor, both writing and pictures by Jules Feiffer.

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