271. “Ready to Read” by Rosemary Wells

Today’s post, which is actually belated yesterday’s entry, is about a picture book slash workbook, that is meant to prepare children for reading. The book reads like a regular picture story. The reader gets to follow Timothy and his friends during their  exciting kindergarten day. What has Mrs. Jenkins prepared for today? There is an alphabet rhyme, and some rhyming riddles, and word building… One can’t be bored and one gets to learn so many things. What’s more, the reader can practice their knowledge of phonics and rhyming skills together with Mrs. Jenkins’s class,  in selected exercises scattered throughout the book.

“Ready to Read” is a great idea very well executed. It is a cute story warmly illustrated and well-chosen exercises, that are actually helpful. If you think your children are ready to read, you should definitely read this book with them.


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