272. “Squeak’s Good Idea” by Max Eilenberg

Squeak wanted to go out, but his daddy was busy ironing (I know, how often do you see a daddy by an ironing board, right?) and mommy was reading books to Tumble. Squeak decided to go out… BY HIMSELF. He got dressed really warm, just in case it might get winter-cold and put on his rain-proof gear, for you never know, it might rain. He prepared a picnic basket in case he got  hungry and took off…  to the backyard. It wasn’t cold and it wasn’t raining, but the picnic basket came in handy, especially that his family decided to join him after all. 

Doing things by yourself for the first time can be pretty hard for a little child, but also for the parents.  It is stressful, emotionally loaded, takes lots of preparations… but it can be very rewarding. My son has recently mastered putting on his shoes, undressing himself, as well as going to the bathroom. He was so proud of himself that he called his grandparents to share the news.

“Squeak’s Good Idea” is a good idea indeed, when you are ready to let your child explore the outside world by themselves. I recommend a fenced backyard for the first time. Warm and reassuring story and pictures (by Patrick Benson).

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