273. “A Suitcase Surprise for Mommy” by Cat Cora

Zoran’s mom is going on a business trip. The boy knows that his mom has to travel for work, but he doesn’t like that. Clever mom tries to find a way Zoran could better put up with the separation. How about a little something special that belongs to Zoran, which she could take with her to New york? A red truck would be too big for mom’s suitcase, but Zoran found a better gift…

To find out what the little boy decided to give his mom, you need to read the book. I am just going to say it was quite a cool idea. And so is the whole story and pictures by Joy Allen. Warm, reassuring and I believe, quite relevant. Looking at SF Bay Area families, many parents travel quite extensively. In our case, it is only my husband earning the mile points, and he is the one who is missed by our little boy. Perhaps we could use Zoran’s idea next time my husband is going to pack his suitcase?

But last night, to our son’s delight, we ALL packed our suitcases. Time for a little family road trip. Have a good weekend!


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