274. “I WANNA IGUANA” by Karen Kaufman Orloff

Alex wanted to have a very unusual pet: a baby iguana. In a series of letters, he tries to make his mom agree on his idea. He makes all kinds of pledges, promises and commitments to prove his sensitivity (if he doesn’t take the iguana, his friend’s dog will eat her), responsibility (he will pay for iguana’s lettuce from his allowance), maturity (he’s learned his lessons in the past), and even loneliness ( he needs a companion!!!!). Will Alex’s mom agree on a reptile, that can grow six-foot long? Was Alex’s negotiating technique successful?

You might want to find out as you read this witty and superbly amusing story to your children. What enhances the humor is the original format: Alex and mom talk to each other through a series of very official, written messages, with a title, signature and all. Hilarious! And so are the madly colorful illustrations by David Catrow. The only one thing I am not totally digging is the visual of Alex.  A bit too eery for me. What do you think?

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