276. “Now It is Summer” by Eileen Spinelli

Even though I appreciate changing seasons, I wouldn’t mind if the summer lasted the longest. Moderate climate summer of course. The sun provides me with some unusual energy and enhances my good mood dramatically. You know what I am talking about, don’t you?  Likewise, most of the children can’t wait for playing outside all the days, swimming, camping and other fun activities that come along with this colorful season.

Most of the children, but for one young mouse, who doesn’t care about summer picnics, splashing in the water or cold lemonade. He can’t wait for the autumn to begin. He can’t wait for Halloween, going to school by the yellow bus, the smell of cinnamon muffins, apples and pumpkin… “Will it be autumn soon?” The little mouse asked his mom. “Yes, yes, dear child, (…) But now it is summer.” Answered his wise mom and took her son for a walk. Barefoot. 

I love the message, which basically boils down to one phrase: Seize the moment! Instead of waiting for the blissful future, or reminiscing about the glorious past, let’s make the most out of the present. Even a rainy March can have its charm.

A cute and uplifting little story, as well as warm illustrations by Mary Newell DePalma.



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