277. “Pigsty” by Mark Teague

Yesterday was a little cleaning day in our home. I covered most of it when my son was at school, but I purposely left his room for our cleaning-up-together-is-fun experience. We did have fun indeed. He rediscovered some toys, and I was happy to engage him in the process.

Wendell Fultz was too big to clean his room together with his mom. he was solely responsible for keeping it clean. He chose not to clean it at all. He didn’t mind the mess. Neither did he mind when he got a pig as a roommate. A few days later another pig moved in, and then two more. The mess just grew and grew, but so did fun with the easygoing companions. Until, Wendell had no place to sleep… and his comic books got stamped with hoofprints… and his baseball cards got chewed on… It was high time to do some cleaning! “Many hooves make light work” after all.

Greatly entertaining and original.  Wit and  dry humor on every page,  plus, the most hilarious pigs in the pictures. No child will steer away from the broom after reading this amusing story.

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