278. “I Wanna New Room” by Karen Kaufman Orloff

Do you remember the resolute Alex with his superbly developed negotiation skills? He was able to convince his mother that having an iguana pet was a good idea. Well, he is trying his luck again with regards to a new room.

This time he is exchanging messages with his dad, as his mom wouldn’t even  engage in the tricky discussion with her eloquent son. He tries to talk his dad into building him a new room. Sharing one with Ethan, the younger brother, is apparently unbearable.  Dad tries to remind Alex about his behavior at that age, but Alex doesn’t give up. In his mind, Stinky’s dog, Lurch, is living a better life than himself, who is the oldest, hence the most important child in the family. ( nice thinking, right?)

The debate was getting emotional, but luckily, dad came up with a compromise: Alex would be getting a tree house. Just for himself.  Both parties were pleased. And even Ethan profited from the deal. 

Once again, a great piece of writing and wild illustrations by David Catrow. I love the innovative letter format. Not only is it witty and amusing, but it promotes the parent-child communication, as well as identifying feelings and verbalizing them.

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