279. “Gator” by Randy Cecil

Gator was a happy carousel alligator in an amusement park.  Children loved riding on Gator and he loved the crowds and the laughter. But with time, the people stopped coming and the laughter turned into silence, which created a hole in Gator’s heart. The determined carousel animal decided to leave the park, which was no longer a happy place, in order to find… whatever was missing.  During his journey he learned a lot of new things about the world, for example, that the zoo alligators are better to be avoided. And as he wondered around, someone recognized Gator from the amusement park. Once again, the carousel alligator made someone laugh. Gator’s mission was accomplished. He could lead the crowd back to the amusement park. The amusement park revived and Gator’s hole in the heart was healed.

An inspiring and uplifting story about the determination and the pursuit of happiness. Gator found the happiness back, because… he went to look for it. In other words, if the good stuff doesn’t come to us, why don’t we simply put on our most comfortable shoes and start walking towards it. We might be amazed at what we can find.


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