280. “Catching the Moon” by Myla Goldberg

If you can go fishing and  crabbing, then can you also “go mooning” when you are trying to catch the Moon?  Whatever you call it, this is what one eccentric woman did. At night. With a mouse for bait. Why would anyone try to catch the Moon?  Well, as you will find out while reading this most unusual story, the woman had some issues with the way the Moon controlled tides. Next to her mooning adventures, the lady also received very strange monthly visits: a round, shimmering gentleman would drop by for a cup of tea and chat… She didn’t know his name, but she thought he looked familiar…

 “Catching the Moon” is surely one of the weirdest, but at the same time the most enchanted and memorable books I have recently read to my son. The enigmatic mood set by the author is well complemented by night-dark pictures by Chris Sheban.  The mystery is then skillfully mixed with elements of dry humor, which leads to a very original effect. You are not kept on the edge, but you don’t laugh either. You just wonder as you read: what is really happening here? Quite a magical reading experience I must say.


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  1. Pussreboots
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 05:23:21

    Thank you for the recommendation. I’m adding the book to my wishlist.


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