282. “The Bunny Who Found Easter” by Charlotte Zolotow

Stories about bunnies are good anytime, especially at Easter. I leave the chocolate bunnies up to you, but I do have a cute bunny story to recommend.

A little bunny was the only rabbit in the woods. He was lonely. According to a sleepy owl, there were always rabbits at Easter. The  bunny figured it had to be some place and decided to find it. He walked by the pool but it was filled only with trout.  Neither did he see any bunnies in flowery fields. The summer turned into autumn, but the bunny met not a one floppy-eared creature. He kept on searching for a companion even during winter, but in vain. What the bunny did find, was a cosy hollow tree to curl up till the spring. And as he resumed his quest, the bunny came across familiar paw prints. Could it be a little Miss Rabbit? Happy and surrounded by his family,  the bunny came to a revelation. “Easter was not a place after all, but a time when everything lovely begins again.”

I must say, I couldn’t think of a better way to define Easter to our little boy. A lovely story, subtly illustrated with pastel colors by Helen Craig.



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