286. “this plus that” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Although our toddler and preschoolers might be too young for advanced mathematics, unless of course your child is extremely gifted, they are sure ready to learn some clever life equations. Let’s take the following addition for instance: egg+bunny= Easter. Or what does flowers+sun equals to?  Sounds like spring, right?

“this plus that” offers many more, and much more inventive, relevant and amusing “life’s little equations”, that are worth introducing to our children. ‘Smile+ wave= hello, yes+ no= maybe, wishes+ frosting= birthday, dark+ popcorn= movie’. These are just a few examples to give you an idea.

A very cleverly written book. Unusual and most engaging format. Cute illustrations by Jen Corace, very well interacting with the text. “this plus that” shows a new manner of explaining concepts to children. Instead of elaborate definitions, why not to add up a few key words? riddle-like equations are more fun, more concise  and I guess, closer to the children’s way of thinking.


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