288. “The Bog Baby” by Jeanne Willis

With all the trees and flowers in bloom, the spring season is enchanted as it is. But if you happen to live near the Bluebell Wood with a magic pond, you might discover even more spring mysteries. This is what happened to Chrissy and her sister.

The girls went fishing  for newts in the pond, but what they really caught was a Bog Baby. It was blue and boneless. Neither frog, nor a mouse.  He flapped his wings if someone stroked them. The girls brought the catch home. Secretly. He slept in a margarine tub, ate cake crumbs and walked on a leash. The three had a great time together. Until the Bog Baby stopped eating and got thinner. It was time to ask mom for advice. And according to her, it was time to bring the Bog baby back to the pond, where he belonged. “If we really loved the Bog Baby, we had to do what was the best for him. No matter how much it hurt us.” 

Isn’t that true?  Love is a funny thing. It gives us wings, but it can also hurt sometimes. A wonderful way of summarizing the real love.

And it is a wonderful book, brightly illustrated by Gwen Millward, with a full palette of spring colors. I am not sure if “Anne of Green Gables” by L. M. Montgomery or “The Children of Noisy Village”  by A. Lindgren were a part of your childhood, but  there is something captivating in the spirit of “The Bog Baby”  that reminded me of those books and my own magical discoveries during my young school years.

Now that we’ve read the book, I  wonder what  Bog Baby will my son discover…


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