292. “Aldo” by John Burningham

Children’s imagination is a double-edged sword. It can make deprive them of sleep, because of the scary monsters and ghosts, but it can also generate a wonderful world of fantasy, with Santa, Elves and Tooth Fairies.

Thanks to the wild imagination, a little, lonely girl got to meet Aldo, a big and good-hearted imaginary bunny. He would be there for her on a bad day, when children would treat her horribly, or when she was alone at home. He would push her on the swing. He was a very special friend. She couldn’t tell  anyone about him, though, as nobody would believe her.

I must say, “Aldo” is a story that makes an impact. It captivates the reader with quite personal a story, minimalist sketches and very lyrical, dreamy pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t resist having very mixed feelings about the story. On one hand, the book offers a great solution for unhappiness and loneliness: our own imaginary world and  creativity. But on the other hand, I think it encourages isolation and resignation.I find it quite sad, if not depressive for little children. What you think?





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