294. “Grandpa Toad’s Secrets” by Keiko Kasza

My son and I have been in love with Keiko Kasza’a charming fables for a while now.   A few months ago we read all the books by this author that were available in our library. Almost all. Last week we discovered one more cute story. What makes it especially cute, is that the book is about a grandpa. Who doesn’t like their grandpa? Grandpas are good for so many things: They can play with you, spoil you and they sure can tell stories.

Grandpa Toad had a few good ones to share with his grandson, Little Toad. These were his three secret ways to fend off from the hungry enemies. According to grandpa, it was important to be brave and smart, and he proved it to the Little Toad as he tricked a hungry snake and a peckish turtle. Little Toad was impressed. Before long, the little guy got his chance to impress Grandpa. He managed to outsmart a giant monster, who was about to inhale his grandpa with a sandwich. And that’s how Little Toad got to hear the third secret

A great story to read together, especially with grandpa. Not only is it entertaining and warmly illustrated,  but it also provides a useful hint how to deal with the stronger in the food chain or a pecking-order:  be brave, be smart, and make sure you have someone to count on!




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