296. “Pound Dog and Frog” by Rowley Carter

How do you know who is your real friend? According to a saying, a friend in need is  a friend indeed. It is true, but there is more to it. There are many other ways to show real friendship and the curious case of Pound Dog and Frog illustrate one of them: ignoring the differences.

Frog was a bit depressed and Pound Dog wanted to make him happy. He took his friend to a frog concert: by a frog and for a frog audience. Frog was delighted. Even after the concert, he kept replaying the sweet ribbett, ribbett sound. He even wished his friend, Pound Dog, would sing like this, but he could only howl instead. But, according to Pound Dog, howling was the right way of singing. “”You can’t expect a frog to know about music,” he thought.”

A delightfully amusing little story about the meaning of  friendship and music. Warm  illustrations by Moira Kemp.



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