297. “Questions, Questions” by Marcus Pfister

Do you know what causes hiccups? According to a billboard I saw today on the way from work, there is a website that can help you find an answer. But will that website or another know what brings summer after spring, for example? Or if  apple seeds dream of growing up to be a tree? How about the number of shells on the seashore and what makes fire too hot to hold?  Who knows answers to all of the questions we might have about the rain and the sun,  flowers and birds? Anyone? We search for the answers, but perhaps it’s not what we really need. Perhaps the key is to notice all the mysteries that happen around us every day, and just let them be… mysteries. The world is truly a magical place. If we choose to see it this way.

Enjoy the intriguing couplets and fascinating illustrations. You don’t need to be a philosopher to wonder and ponder. Or rather, there is a philosopher in each of us. Especially in children.


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