304. “No Hugs Till Saturday” by Julie Downing

Have you ever  shortened your child’s time-out or let them eat desert before dinner even though you had claimed otherwise?  According to the books, we shouldn’t do that, right? We should stick to our word. We should remember we are in control. But what if we aren’t?

Felix was deprived of his ball “till tomorrow” as a result of playing with it in the house, which was not allowed. He didn’t like it. He decided to reciprocate and “punish” his mom by depriving her of his hugs, till Saturday. But since it was only Sunday, mom found the punishment pretty unbearable and Felix decided to shorten the penalty by a day. By afternoon, the hugging would already resume on Tuesday, and by the end of the day, the ban on hugging was lifted, upon the mutual agreement.  

A pretty hilarious take on discipline, anger and the power of hugs.  Children need structure and parents should not be afraid to impose it. Sensibly,  though, and with love. Anger is human, but we can all learn to manage it, and nobody should be deprived of the basic human need, hugging. Especially moms, and dads and grandmas, and children and friends…

And last but not least, the story is a great pretext and an engaging tool to practice days of the week. I almost forgot to mention the warm and humorous illustrations.


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