306. “The Story of James” by David McPhail

James went fishing with his baby brother. He caught a large fish, but lost the little guy. Where could he had gone? According to the fish, and a curious note, the boy was headed to the seashore. But where was the seashore? A lion agreed to give James a lift and then a weird couple playing checkers  confused him with some conflicting directions. James gave a few coins to an owl for more information on his brother but she wasn’t very helpful. Neither was a turtle. Finally, James got to the seashore but instead of his brother he saw the very same fish that had brought him there. Was James ever going to find his younger sibling? 

I don’t want  to keep you on the edge, so I assure  you that he will. But where, it is up to you to find out.

A really special story. It’s over twenty years old, so hope you can find this little gem, which so wonderfully mixes the reality and magic. A serious issue of responsible big brotherhood is cleverly interwoven with the thrilling world of dreams. As a result, the story  captivates the reader from the first page to the last one. Including the back cover.   It’s storytelling at its best.

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