308. “Miss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with Kindergarten” by Joseph Slate

If you read my previous posts, you have already met this most resourceful teacher, Ms. Bindergarten. She is always full of inspiring ideas, but her latest initiative is certainly the most ambitious and original. She is planning a circus with her class. They paint posters, blow up balloons and prepare the most intricate stunts. Gwen will be showing off her somersaults, Henry his tricks with hula-hoops, Quentin will perform as a weight lifter. Everyone is engaged and everyone will perform, but who is going to be the real circus sensation? Your little readers might want to find out.

A delightfully frolic rhyme, warmly and brightly illustrated by Ashley Wolff. The lively colors just explode from every page as they would in the real circus.  One can have so much fun in kindergarten!

But what I really like about this book is that it does not end with the story. Children get a few bonus pages which focus on colors and mixing colors. Besides, the readers get to meet each and every student of Ms. Bindergarten’s class. All twenty-six of them. Surprisingly, their names begin with different letters of alphabet. What a fun way to learn your ABC’s!

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