310. “Clumsy Crab” by Ruth Galloway

Nipper the Crab was not happy with his clumsy claws. He couldn’t play catch-the-bubble with his friends, Turtle, Jellyfish and Octopus, as he would pop the bubble. Playing tag with Nipper was quite risky too and when he tried to hide in a shell during hide-and-seek, his claws would break the hiding spot.  Nipper wished he could have fins or tentacles like his companions, instead of the useless claws. But perhaps they are not so useless? Octopus got tangles in seaweed. Who is going to help him out?

Every weakness is a strength and every strength is a weakness, as someone wise said, and isn’t it true! We should never start doubting our skills, looks, talents and place in the world. We are who we are for a reason, but perhaps we still need to discover the reason.

A delightful treat for the little readers. The bright colors are popping from every page as if from a reef and the onomatopoeic expressions bring the under-the-sea adventure fully  to life.  Compelling writing and a smart story.



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