312. “The Very Lazy Ladybug” by Isobel Finn

Laziness is appealing but sooner or later we all know that it doesn’t pay off and that there are no short cuts to reach certain goals. But how do you explain it to your child?

One Ladybug was so lazy that she slept all days and nights. As a result she didn’t learn how to fly. One day she decided to sleep somewhere else, but how could she relocate without using her wings?  She hopped into a pouch of a passing by kangaroo. Unfortunately, hopping and sleeping didn’t go together so she transitioned onto the back of a tiger padding by. But tigers like to roar and that was too noisy. A crocodile’s tail would be a good location, but not with all the swishing in the water. A monkey swung by, a bear ambled by… by there was always some inconvenience involved. Until the Ladybug discovered an elephant and his trunk. Not only did it seem okay, but it also did a great favor to the lazy bug. Kind of willy-nilly, with one big ACHOO!, It taught her how to fly.  

A clever and highly amusing story. Very well structured, written and so brightly illustrated by Jack Tickle. Most engaging and full of surprises. One of those books that children ask you to read over and over again until they fully memorize it. Prime entertainment.


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