313. “Pirates Don’t Take Baths” by John Segal

As a parent, one should get used to various challenging situations. For example, how do you talk your unwilling to bathe child into taking a bath? To be more specific, taking a bath the way you want it, which means using soap,  and when you want it, which is surely more often than most of the children find necessary. An opinionated child needs a resourceful parent.

A little pig was quite adamant about not bathing. He claimed he was a pirate and they don’t bathe. But according to his mom pirates don’t get seasick either and the little pig does… Then the clever piglet decided to be a cowboy. They don’t take baths either. He wasn’t a cowboy for too long though, as sleeping on the hard ground next to cows didn’t suit him. Eskimos don’t bathe but what they eat sounds quite gross, according to the piglet. Maybe he could be a knight? If only not for the dragons. Finally he settled to be a treasure hunter. That might work.  Especially that according to mommy, he could find lots of treasure in the ocean. Or a bathtub.

What a great story! Humor, wit, innovative format, engaging illustrations. Pure entertainment for children and a valuable piece of advice for parents. Now you know how to trick your own little piglet into getting into a bathtub.

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