314. “Wolf!” by Becky Bloom

Books can do wonders to children and grown-ups alike. They can make us happy, take us on the wildest adventure, open the doors to the greatest knowledge or brightest future… Books can bring people together. Just think, how many small talks have you had about a book? Books can change our lives and us. Just look how it has changed one ordinary, savage wolf into a civilized creature.

The wolf was just about to make a meal out of  a pig, duck and a cow, but to his surprise, the howling and growling didn’t scare his victims at all. They were busy reading. The wolf couldn’t understand this odd attitude and decided to… learn how to read by himself. He even went to school. It took him a while to impress the farm book-worms with his style and fluency, but finally he became worthy to  join the educated trio on their picnic and story-reading time. You can only imagine how much fun the four of them had together!

A greatly entertaining, witty and certainly original story.  Humorous, colorful and engaging illustrations by Pascal Biet.  What a unique way to promote and celebrate reading! If anyone can even question the power of books, this story should prove them wrong.



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