320. “My Mommy Hung the Moon” A love story by Jamie Lee Curtis

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I today I make my recommendation with all the moms, mums, mommies, mamas… in mind.

This frolic rhyme, brightly illustrated by Laura Cornell, is a real love poem. It is a tribute to motherhood and true celebration of the unique bond between mothers and their children. Mothers can do anything for their sons and daughters. In case you don’t know, they are the ones who hung the moon and lit up the sun. They create rainbows and teach birds to chirp. They bake big batches of cookies and make music. They rock! Mommies rule the world.  Moms do everything and whatever they do, they are “good at everything”. 

If you are a mom, this is the book you should read.  It will make you to feel warm, loved, important… It will show you how much the little things you do every day mean for your child. From driving your kids to school and soccer practice, to taking care of them when they are sick, you are the one, mom.  You are the best, mom. Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow and everyday!

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