321. “M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual)” by Doreen Cronin

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that children, regardless of age, found a sweet way to express their love and gratitude. My preschooler is saying it with pancakes. (His dad is helping. I can’t wait!)   I hope that all mothers in the world have a wonderful celebration, filled with warm thoughts and lots of smile (forget the wrinkles!). And on a daily basis, may your children always know to treat their mom.  Do they still need some enhancement in that area? This M.O.M. offers lots of guidance, so definitely read it to them.

There is a chapter on daily care and maintenance, troubleshooting, reset… Lots of crucial facts and observations, about this weird creature, mom.  Don’t worry about being over-exposed. The more they know about you, the better they will read your signals. They will know how to please you, how to make use of you indoors and outdoors and when they should better avoid you. 

Hilarious! First class wit and humor, typical Doreen Cronin. Simply L.O.L. And the pictures by Laura Cornell are like icing in the cake. What a unique book and  an original way to celebrate moms. A must read! My son is still too little to enjoy it, but I had a blast reading it!


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