322. “What Sisters/Brothers Do Best” by Laura Numeroff

Yesterday we celebrated our moms, today I have a book that gives credit to our siblings. After all, they can do so many things with us and for us.

They can help us to climb a tree or push us on a swing. They can play tag with us, share a snack, teach skiing, and how to make things out of play-dough. They can also ( very important!) help us to tidy up our room. And then there is all that love that they can give us!

What a cute, little story to help children appreciate their brothers or sisters. I am sure that in most cases, on most days, siblings don’t need any help to love one another, but they might need a gentle reminder on those less affectionate days. And who doesn’t have them? My husband apparently wanted to sell his sister at some point, inspired by “One Sister for Sale!” by Shel Silverstein, even though usually, they were the best buddies.

Enjoy this warmly illustrated, by Lynn Munsinger, book, or should I say, two books in one cover. Open it from one side, and you read about sisters. Start from the other side, and you hear a story about brothers.  What a cute surprise!


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