323. “Spoon” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

We all know that there are phrases we should not use when talking to our children. The trick is to know which ones. As me and my husband have recently learned, “I wish…” is one of them. We used it innocently to show our son what great things he has or does. “I wish I had gotten such cool birthday gifts…, I wish I could go to your school… , I wish I could eat your dinner…”.  Now, the whole wishing game comes back to bite us. Our son wishes everything was otherwise.  “I wish we  lived in grandma and grandpa’s house… I wish I had a Porsche…” And I wish we had never mentioned anything!

Luckily, Spoon helped me to straighten things out.

He also wished his life was less about ‘spooning’, and more about cutting and spreading, which was only for Knife to experience. He wouldn’t mind grilling, or rolling in spaghetti like  Fork,  but he was just an ordinary spoon. Nothing as exotic as Chopsticks, for example. However, Spoon didn’t know that his friends were actually quite envious of his life. They wished they could be used for cheerful pot clanging, measuring and going solo, unlike the chopsticks. Only Spoon could relax in a cup of tea and dig in a bowl of yummy ice-cream.  Finally,  Spoon realized all the advantages of being a spoon. Now he could happily spoon with his mom and dad. 

Delightful, smart, inventive, heart-warming… Cute and humorous illustrations by Scott Magoon.

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