325. “Pippi Goes to School” by Astrid Lindgren

A few posts ago, I expressed my nostalgia for children classics. In the meantime, I have come across one of my childhood favorites, “Pippi Longstocking” in an abbreviated format. Perfect for my son. It is not a typical picture story as it is quite lengthy, but older preschoolers should handle it. Meet Pippi, a resourceful and independent girl from Villa Villekulla, and her pet monkey Mr. Nillson.

She wears stripy stockings, rides a horse everywhere, lives by herself, eats piles of pancakes for breakfast… She has two playmates, Tommy and Annika, who envy her the extraordinary lifestyle.. She decided to go to school, just to have Christmas vacation…  How is she going to fit in a classroom setting. 

Astrid Lindgren has justly earned her spot among the best children’s writers. Her top-notch story-telling combined with a captivating character, makes Pippi’s school experience as well as her other outrageously funny adventures,  a must-read for every child. Lots of laughter guaranteed.

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