326. “You Can Do Anything, Daddy!” by Michael Rex

At first, I wanted to wait with this book until Father’s Day, but on second thoughts, you might want to hear about it earlier, as this book could make an original Father’s Day Gift and a superb daddy-and-me story time.

Dads have a special place in children’s hearts. Even though I don’t remember much from my early childhood, I do remember how I felt about my father. He always knew what to do, and he was strong and brave. In my mind,  he could always protect us and keep us safe. I am sure you can relate to my experiences and your children will relate to this story, which puts the unique father-child relationship into words.

A boy wonders if his father would save him, if he were kidnapped by gorilla pirates, taken to the jungle, kept in a cave with snakes, and was about to be sent to space. Daddy has a reassuring answer for everything. He would  chase the pirates every step of the way, and then trick them with something that all the pirates can be fooled with. (To find out as you read the story) But the book would not be complete if it was only about dad’s bravery. It is also about his son’s gratitude. “Anything for you, Son” and “Anything for you, Daddy.”

This wild, black scenario adventure and a hero dad, plus the outrageously amusing and engaging illustrations, will keep your child on the edge until the very heart-warming ending. And then it is time for hugging and smiles.




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