327. “A Visit To Grandma’s” by Nancy Carlson

Visiting grandma is always a big event for little children. Whether she lives five minutes away or a five-hour’s flight away, the time at grandma’s is a celebration. For one, just because she is a grandma. But the second reason is, that you always know what to expect at her place. Everything is  in the exact same place,  the routine doesn’t change, and you always know what you are going to eat and it will taste the same great.

Tina and her parents were going to grandma’s for Thanksgiving, as always. However, for the first time,  they were going to see her at new condo in Florida.  To their surprise, not only the place was new. They saw a totally new grandma. She drove a convertible, dressed chic, did aerobic, had a lively social life… There were no cinnamon buns for breakfast, no turkey for dinner, and no home-baked pumpkin pie. At first, the guests were horribly disappointed, but by the end of the weekend, they had to admit that the restaurant dinner and a store-bought pie were not so bad. Actually, they were already looking forward to the next Florida Thanksgiving, the new grandma’s way.

Hilarious and so relevant! Changes are not easily acceptable by children ( and beyond) and it is important to prepare them for “the new” in their lives. Whether it is a new school,  teacher, a new house, or a transformed grandma, a change might come as a shock. But if we approach it well, a change can become a new opportunity and a door to a new adventure.


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