328. “On the Night You Were Born” by Nancy Tillman

This book has been with us for over three years now, but it wasn’t  until yesterday, that my son let me read it. He must have matured as a reader in the meantime and developed a new taste for books. The more difficult books, I should add.

“On the Night You Were Born” , in the most lyrical way, pays tribute to the magical uniqueness of every newborn child. There have never been two children that were the same there will never be. With every birth, the whole world celebrates a new wonder of life, that can happen only once. ” You are the one and only ever you.” No wonder, that polar bears and ladybugs alike, stars and the moon, want to “sit at your window awhile, (…) hoping to see you smile.”

Simply beautiful! Poetic and highly expressive in words and pictures. Universal and utterly personal at the same time.  A superb gift for new parents and children of all ages,  in case they ever doubt just how special they are.





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