329. “Bad Habits!” by Babette Cole

When babies are about 3 months old, they start putting their fingers in their mouths. How cute! When children turn 3 years old, they put their fingers in their noses. How disgusting! My son has just been through this exciting nose picking discovery and a booger revelation. As you can imagine, now I have yet another reason to keep him healthy and snot-free. One can keep repeating the ‘no nose picking’ mantra forever, but how do you un-teach children this horrible pastime?

Lucretzia Crum was  a real queen of bad habits. She loved burping, farting, spitting, pigtail pulling… What’s more, her appalling attitude was contagious. Other children in the class started copying her ‘cool’ behavior. Lucretzia’s parents had to take immediate actions. Thanks to Mr. Crum’s knack for mad science, Lucretzia was being tamed in a Blowfart Inhaler Suit,  No Scream/ Kick Tube and with the use of other preventive devices. Unfortunately, their effectiveness was only temporary. Unlike  the ultimate measure Mr. and Mrs. Crum took on Lucretzia’s birthday… It was pretty unmannerly solution, I must say, but it did work and other parents decided to try it too.

Perhaps it’s worth finding out HOW Lucretzia turned into a civilized angel. You never know when some bad habits might sneak under your roof.

Sheer entertainment, wicked humor and a relevant message to all the uncivilized little monsters and their parents. Good manners can be and should be taught and learned, and bad habits should be tackles with WHATEVER works.



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