331. “Rock-a-Doodle-Do!” by Michael Foreman

There are moments in life that seem like a dead-end.  We feel redundant, dispensable, replaceable… The doors of opportunities appear to be closing on us. What we often forget is that we should keep trying opening new doors until we find an unlocked one.

Look at this old donkey. Once his master tried to get rid of him because of the age, the animal decided to run away and follow his dream of becoming a musician. On the way to the city, he met an old dog, a cat and a rooster, all of them too old to please their masters. Why not to join the donkey and become musicians as well? The crew didn’t make it to the city, though. Their destiny lead them to an old cafe, that was just being robbed. Although the animals didn’t plan to, they successfully scared the thieves away and ended up with enough money to turn the old cafe in a popular concert hall. 

I must say, the old donkey was a smart beast. Although he was too senior to be worth his keep on a farm, he was not too old to pursue his dream. As you can see, a setback, turned out to be an opportunity to start a new chapter in life. A much more exciting chapter, I must add.

In other words, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  The sooner our children realize it, the better off they will be in life.




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