332. “Heart in the Pocket” by Laurence Bourguignon

Little Jo-Jo had one favorite place to be: in his Mama Kangaroo’s pouch. Even if he could, he would never want to be a cloud, because the wind would blow him far away from his mom. He didn’t care to as free as a bird or as soft as a butterfly. He didn’t envy  a lizard that it could draw on sand with its tail. Jo-Jo wanted to stay in his mama’s pocket, so he could always feel her heartbeat. It was time Mama Kangaroo showed her little child that it wasn’t  really so bad outside. Besides,  regardless of where little Jo-Jo would be, she would always keep his hear in her pocket.

The world can seem a wild and scary place for a little child. Luckily there is mom: the first and the biggest ally, partner, friend, guide, spokesperson… Everything seems easier when it’s done with mom. But it can’t always be this way. In due time, a smart mom needs to prepare her child for independent discoveries. Daycare, preschool or school, can be traumatic experiences for a scaredy heart. But they don’t have to be, if a child knows that we always have them in our hearts.

A delightful and touching little story about the bond between  mother and child and dilemmas of growing up. Engaging plot, that takes you by surprise. Wonderfully warm and sunny pictures by Valerie d’Heur.


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