333. “It’s All About Me!” by Nancy Cote

There are many recipes for a complete family.  A traditional family with mom and dad, a single parent, one child or four or six… For us it’s always ben a 2+2 concept. Me and my husband knew that we wanted a child, but  we also knew that once we had one,  he or she would need a companion, so two was the ideal number. However, as today’s book confirms, not every child wants a baby brother or sister…

A boy gets lots of love and smiles from his parents. Whatever he does, from crawling to playing in mud, he the best. Why would mommy and daddy want another baby, then? Especially, the baby that can’t do anything, but for sleeping, crying and pooping. Of course, eventually, the ice-breaking happens and the big sibling can’t imagine not having his little baby brother around. Eventually, the older boy is old enough to realize that it is not all about him, it is not about which child is the best, but that “a family’s best”

“It’s All About Me!” is a concept story with a twist. The lively rhyme bursts with humor and the warm illustrations engage the reader on every page. It is a wonderful story for every growing family. Children’s will reaction on a new family member is hard to predict, but it is worth preparing them for their arrival.

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