336. “Ella Kazoo Will NOT Brush Her Hair” by Lee Fox

Some children will not let you wash their hair, some others will not let you brush it. Look at Ella Kazoo.

She would hide the brush in a dresser with socks or in the garden. Every time her mom would approach her with a brush, she would run off like a hurricane. Her hair looked as if she had a bird’s nest on top, but she would not brush it. Until, her hair outgrew Ella’s wildest imagination. Literally. Ella’s frizzy curls took over her bed, room and house. “This hair must be stopped!” And so, thanks to a crew of hairdressers, Ella got a cute little hairdo, with just one, easy to brush lock. Uff!

Delightful and entertaining. Humor bursting from every line of this lively rhyme. Amusing illustrations by Jennifer Plecas. Very well written, original and not only for girls. My son had a great time reading it. I guess he was happy he didn’t need to fight with a brush on a daily basis.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. shittydad
    May 29, 2012 @ 03:24:55

    I’ll read it to my kids, might work on them.


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