337. “With You Always, Little Monday” by Genevieve Cote

On a Monday night, forest animals found a little baby rabbit. They accepted him in their forest family and called him Little Monday. Little Monday was a happy rabbit, but deep inside, he was bothered by one question: who and where was his mommy? As he found out, it was not Swan, or Owl, or Bear. After all, he couldn’t swim, stay up late at night, or sleep through the winter like them.  Tired of the search Little Monday fell asleep. And there she was: smiling at him from the moon, calling his name and assuring him that she was always looking after him. 

Charming and very touching. Warm illustrations in the colors of the moonlit night. Did you know that you can see a shadow of the rabbit on the full moon? I had no idea.  Apparently it is there to remind us, that “no one is truly alone in the night”.

Whether your children are afraid of darkness at night, or misses you when you travel for work, or if they don’t know their biological parents… this book might bring them some comfort and smiles.


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