338. “Surfer Chick” by Kristy Dempsey

The summer is making  big steps towards us, so a book with a beach theme should  be a suitable read. Especially,  if the illustrations, by Henry Cole, resemble postcards from Southern California. The blue ocean and the sky, the golden sun and the sand… You’ve got the picture,  right? Now let me tell you a few words about the story.

Chick lived on a beach, but her life was not free of pressure. Her father was a surfing legend. She simply had to learn how to surf. Unfortunately, the skill was not genetic. She had to practice like anyone else and it wasn’t easy. She didn’t give up, though, and finally managed to impress herself and her hero. A new legend was born.

Humor, originality, lively tone, action, color… This rhyme has it all. Lots of laughter guaranteed for the big and little readers alike. I would like this story just for the laughs, but it also makes me think about the power of role-models in children’s life. Young people need someone to look up to, follow and copy. Whether they are inspired by their parents (ideally), teachers, sportsmen, historical figures or even celebrities, may it always lead to self-improvement not self-destruction.

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