339. “Tweak Tweak” by Eve Bunting

Since my son was born, he’s always been my loyal walking companion. At first, our walks meant me pushing him, quietly sleeping in a stroller. Now, we are walking at even pace, and our strolls are all but quiet.  Mommy, what is under the sidewalk? Mommy, is this car faster than daddy’s? Mommy, what makes the house not move? He pops a new question every minute. I love it! I love to hear what’s on his curious mind  (and it feels good to be treated like an omniscient)

If your child is at the stage of exploring the wonders of the world, or you would like to encourage them to do so, “Tweak Tweak” might be a book for you.

Mama Elephant took Little Elephant for a walk. He was supposed to tweak twice if he had a question. And he sure did have many of those. He wanted to find out who was sitting on the acacia tree and if he could jump like a frog. He was intrigued by a butterfly and he found out that even though he couldn’t fly, he could wave his ears like butterfly wings.  He wondered if he could sing like a songbird, but mama helped him to discover roaring. Little Elephant learned a lot, just by asking questions. 

A gentle story  and warm illustrations, by Sergio Ruzzier, about discovering the world together. Children learn always, whatever they do. They don’t need to be at school and study with a book. Real life experiences can serve as the best and the most enjoyable lessons. In other words, dear fellow parents, never ignore your children’s silliest question. Promote them, by giving a helpful and enriching answer.

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