340. “Pilot Pups” by Michelle Meadows

Every night , before going to bed, you ask your child to put their toys away. You both think that they will stay put until you decide to use them again, right? Wrong.  According to this charming rhyme by Michelle Meadows, toys come to life, while we are sleeping.

Join Pilots Pups on their airplane mission, to find several stranded train passengers (i.e. a few toys that were left outside by the children) The brave Pilot Pups flew over  a mountain top (a.k.a. father’s head), through the fog (a.k.a. steam from the water kettle), passed by the creek (a.k.a. sink), until they found and rescued their toy friends. To children’s  surprise in the morning.

This quite skimpy, yet very expressive, script, combined with warm and engaging illustrations, by Dan Andreasen, take children on a wonderful, and quite magical adventure to the Toy Land. After reading this book, putting toys away before going to bed, will never be the same.


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